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Here are five reasons why you buy OEM Ford parts:

1. Quality

Yes, you can find a lot of the same aftermarket parts, but is it made from the same material? Have you ever installed a new replacement part and the holes didn’t match up? This is much less likely to happen with OEM Ford parts as they are designed by the manufacturer and tested to fit their vehicles.

2. Warranty & Support

Installation of a non-OEM part poses a threat to the warranty coverage of your Ford. If your systems fail because someone changed a part that doesn’t match the manufacturer’s specifications, you may be on the hook to fix it yourself rather than filing a warranty claim. Plus, OEM Ford parts themselves most likely have a better guarantee than those from 3rd-party suppliers.

3. Durability

A part is a part, right? Except you have no idea what’s in the alloy or plastic that the part is made from. The Ford OEM can spend years formulating recipes for construction and coatings that resist corrosion and contribute to increased safety standards and wearability.

4. Ease of Replacement

Another important reason to always use OEM Ford parts is that you know they will properly fit. Many aftermarket parts manufacturers develop parts that are designed to fit on multiple models of vehicles to mass produce them. This often leads to ill-fitting parts that require some manipulation to get them to bolt on. Don’t struggle with poor aftermarket parts and accessories, stick with what you know works, true OEM parts.